Continuous Monument

Photographs from The Royal Academy of Nuts + Bolts,
in/around/under/outside Los Angeles, California

Tips for Montreal and Tokyo? 

I have a couple trips coming up, first to Montreal for a week and then Tokyo for another week after that. I wonder if anyone out there in the Tumblrverse might have any tips on particularly good places to go/explore/shoot in either city? Interests of mine include the banal, the inexplicable, the forgotten, and the foolishly heroic; as well as typography, Thomassons, and especially tunnels.

If anyone in either city wants to meet up and explore/shoot, that’d also be cool β€” again, especially if you have experience draining in either city and are willing to share info (I’d return the favor if you’re ever in L.A.). My free days in Montreal are really just the 20th–22nd of July; I’m in Tokyo from July 26–30.

I’ve got Montreal far more planned out and scheduled, but I am maybe kind of winging it in Tokyo. Any info people can share about good places to stay, places to eat, things to see and do, etc. would be appreciated!

Thank you!

New little friend.
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